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“Wraparound, a Team approach that supports families with complex needs.”

Wraparound is a way to support families who face challenges related to mental health issues or other complex needs. It is a strength-based, family-driven, and team-based process. Wraparound teams meet to plan, brainstorm, implement, and monitor goals identified by the family and team members. Teams include both formal supports (paid service providers working with the family) and informal supports (friends or family members), all chosen by the family.  

Wraparound teams meet on an ongoing bases, as long as the family feels it is needed. The entire process is carried out in a way that in consistent with the following ten core values:  

Family Voice and Choice – the family is listened to and is a part of all decision making.  

Team-Based – there are numerous participants providing needed support and ideas.  

Collaborative – there is strength in people working together.  

Informal Supports – non-professionals bring unique strengths to the table.  

Community-Based – keeping the child at home and near loved ones is primary.  

Culturally Competent – family culture and traditions are respected.  

Strength-Based – planning emphasizes child and family strengths.  

Individualized – solutions are based on child and family need rather than availability of services.  

Persistent – the team stays with the family as long as needed.  

Outcome based – planning focuses on achievable goals for child and family.  

For more information about Wraparound, contact Char Erickson at (320) 231-7030 ext 2964 or char_e@pactforfamilies.org

Wraparound Brochure