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The listing to the left provides links to current major projects of PACT for Families Collaborative working with its many partners to support efforts on behalf of children and families. PACT for families provides a network to share ideas and resources and to seek funding for new and continuing efforts. Many PACT for Families programs are funded by grants from state and federal agencies. Others are paid for through Local Collaborative Time Study (LCTS) dollars and membership dues. Although the Collaborative strives to retain all programs that are showing positive benefit to youth and families, some programs do end when the funding source dries up. Existing projects include:    

  • 21st Century Community Learning Center, a project that provides after-school/summer-school activities for at risk youth.
  • Chemical Health Coalition, in Renville County to reduce/eliminate underage consumption of chemicals. 
  • Family Liaison, personalized support to families in need. 
  • Guia (Chemical Health for Hispanic Youth), a project to assist Hispanic/Latino youth involved with illegal chemical consumption.
  • School-based Staff, school social workers/counselors supported by PACT for Families.
  • Wraparound, a team approach for children and families with complex needs.