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The Guía Program

Supporting Lifestyles Free of Alcohol and Drugs for Hispanic/Latino Youth and Families 

Guía translates to “guide” in English and supports positive youth development for Hispanic/Latino youth between the ages of 14 and 22 who are suspected of using alcohol or other drugs, use alcohol or other drugs, or who have family members and/or friends who are using. Guia is an intentional, pro-social approach which engages youth within their communities, schools, peer groups, and families.

The Guía program provides individual services to youth and their families to assist them in increasing their knowledge, developing life skills, and overcoming life’s hurdles without the use of alcohol or other drugs. This is accomplished by enhancing the youth’s opportunities, fostering positive relationships and providing the support needed to build on their leadership skills.

Who can make referrals?

Referrals for participation in the Guía Program can be made by anyone aware of Hispanic/Latino youth or young adults affected by alcohol or drugs. 

Common referral sources include:

  • School counselors
  • County case managers
  • Corrections agents
  • Treatment agencies
  • Parents or other family members
  • Friends
  • Youth self referral 

Referral Form English_2017.pdf

Sandy Hruby, Program Supervisor, (320) 231-7030 ext 2976
Jeanette Oehlers, Coach (320) 905-6086