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Family Liaison
The family liaison is a service offered to parents and caregivers in need of support due to family stressors, such as children’s mental health issues, parenting difficulties, financial struggles, or chemical usage. The family liaison nurtures families and children through:

•   Goal setting

•   Listening and Respect

•   Connecting to community resources

•   Support

•   Knowledge

•   Self Advocacy

The family liaison meets with parents to understand their questions and concerns and works with them to develop a plan to address the family’s needs. Meetings take place in mutually-agreed-upon locations. The time a liaison spends with a family varies, depending upon the situation and the established goals. The family liaison helps family members identify appropriate community resources; helps to improve communication between parents, schools, mental health providers, and other community resources; and works collaboratively as part of a team. The ultimate goal is to empower parents and caregivers to make and implement positive decisions necessary for their child.

One full-time family liaison serves the five-county PACT for Families service area. Referrals can be made by the family or by staff from schools, social services, mental health, or other community providers. For more information contact the office at 320-231-7030.