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6W 6 West Corrections
AACAP          American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
ADA American with Disabilities Act
ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
ALC Area Learning Center
ASA Autism Society of America
ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder
ATOD Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs
BERS Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale
BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs
CAFAS Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale
CARE Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise
CHADD Children and Adults with ADHD
CHIPS Child in Need of Protective Services
CMH Children's Mental Health
CMHS Center for Mental Health Services
CPS Child Protection Services
CSP Community Support Person
CTSS Children's Therapeutic Services & Supports
CW/CP Child Welfare/Child Protection
DBT Dialectical Behavior Therapy
DD Developmental Disability
DEA Drug Enforcement Agency
DFC Drug-Free Communities
DHS Department of Human Services
DSM-V Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - 5th Edition
EBD Emotional & Behavioral Disorder
ECFE Early Childhood Family Education
ESL English as Second Language
FAIM Family Assets for Independence in MN
HCAA Heartland Community Action Agency
HCBS Home and Community Based Services
HRA Housing & Rehabilitative Authority
HUD Housing and Urban Development Department
IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEIC Interagency Early Intervention Committee
IEP Individualized Education Plan
IFSP Individualized Family Service Plan
IRS Internal Revenue Service
KCCC Kandiyohi County Community Corrections
KCFS Kandiyohi County Family Services
KCHHS Kandiyohi County Health & Human Services
KCHHSB Kandiyohi County Health & Human Svcs Building
KCPH Kandiyohi County Public Health
LAC Local Advisory Council
LCTS Local Collaborative Time Study
MAC Mothers And Children
MACMH Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health
MCCS Meeker County Court Services
McLCC McLeod County Corrections
McLCPH McLeod County Public Health
McLCSS McLeod County Social Services
MCHSN Minnesota Children with Special Health Needs
MCPH Meeker County Public Health
MCSS Meeker County Social Services
MFIP Minnesota Family Investment Program
MI Mental Illness
MOPS Mothers of Pre-Schoolers
MPR Multi-Purpose Room
MR/RC Mental Retardation & Related Conditions
NAMI National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
NCLB No Child Left Behind
NIMH National Institute of Mental Health
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
PAC Parent Advisory Committee
PACER Parent Advocacy Coalition for Education Rights
PACT Putting All Communities Together
PCA Personal Care Attendant
PET Pregnancy Education for Teens
PLYP Prairie Lakes Youth Programs
PRIDE-4 Persons Realizing Independence and Developing Empowerment
PWELC Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center
RAPAD Renville Alliance for the Prevention of Alcohol & Drugs
RCC Renville County Corrections
RCHS Renville County Human Services
RCPH Renville County Public Health
SAMHSA Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
SHARE Supporting Healthy And Respectful Environments
SSA Social Security Administration
SSDI Social Security Disability Income
SSI Supplemental Security Income Program
SUCCEED Supporting & Understanding Children's Cognitive & Emotional Early Dev.
SWIF SouthWest Initiative Foundation
TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
WAFS Willmar Area Food Shelf
WEAC Willmar Education & Arts Center
WIC Women, Infants & Children
YMCFS Yellow Medicine County Family Services