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Partners working together to strengthen families and support children in achieving their highest potential. 

History & Beliefs

PACT for Families Collaborative (Putting All Communities Together for Families) is a five county, multi-agency partnership which operates as a Children’s Mental Health Collaborative, and a Family Services Collaborative. Both Family Services and Children’s Mental Health Collaboratives were defined by legislation to design and implement an “integrated local service delivery system” as the Family Services Collaborative legislation called it, or an “integrated service system”, as the Children’s Mental Health Collaborative legislation stipulated. 

Organized in 1993 as a four county collaborative and expanded to a five county collaborative in 2011 through a Joint Powers Agreement signed by the member county boards, the collaborative is governed by a Chief Elected Officials board which meets twice a year and an Executive Board which meets monthly. The collaborative, which addresses the full spectrum of family needs, is located in central Minnesota, serving the five counties of Kandiyohi, McLeod, Meeker, Renville, and Yellow Medicine. PACT for Families covers 3,653 square miles, with a population of 127,548. The Upper Sioux Indian Reservation is located within the service area, and is one of PACT for Families’ over 60 collaborative members. 

PACT for Families is a unique organization developed by its partners to fill gaps in services and to reduce duplication. The purpose of the Collaborative is to demonstrate that a large, rural agricultural area undergoing rapid demographic and economic upheaval can accomplish wide spread systems change to improve the lives of families. Membership includes health care, social services, substance abuse treatment, mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, education, and other child serving entities. PACT for Families and its partners are dedicated to changing systems to be more prevention focused and family friendly. 

Value Statements

  1. We work in partnership with others.
  2. We embrace strength-based and family-driven practices. 
  3. We assure parents will always have a voice, will be listened to, encouraged and empowered. 
  4. We embrace accessible and culturally-sensitive services. We continuously measure strengths and needs.
  5. We focus on prevention and early intervention strategies.
  6. We are accountable for results and are outcome-driven.
  7. We support the development of integrated care models that enhance children's mental health needs.
  8. We address gaps in the service delivery system.
  9. We reduce fragmentation in the children's mental health and family services system.


The PACT for Families Collaborative has a vision of healthy and safe communities where individuals, families, and children care about and support each other.

Strategic Goals

1.      Parent-child relationships are positive and nurturing.

2.      Children’s (including children with SED) functioning will improve in home, school and community.

3.      Children diagnosed with mental health problems will have reduced mental health symptoms.

4.      Children will receive mental health services before they reach crisis (early intervention).

5.      Children with SED will receive needed services in their community and will be able to live at home.

6.      Families are supported by their communities.

7.      Services and supports (including informal networks, mental health, corrections, family services, public health, families, and education system) will be integrated and coordinated.

8.      Mental health services will be provided on a voluntary basis (access, voice, ownership).

9.      Parents and children will be satisfied by the services provided by Collaborative Funds and Collaborative Partners.