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21st Century Learning Community Center (CCLC)

In 2007, PACT for Families Collaborative was awarded a Cohort 3 CCLC grant to provide out-of-school enrichment activities for children and youth who needed extra assistance to be successful and connected community and school participants. In 2012, PACT was awarded a Cohort 5 CCLC grant, providing enrichment in four school districts.

Currently, PACT coordinates a Cohort 6 (began in 2014) 21st CCLC grant. This grant currently enables three school districts to offer quality out-of-school (OST) programming both before and after school. The schools participating have created centers within their schools to offer this creative programming. The Cohort 6 school districts along with their CCLC names include: 

Cohort 6 School Sites



Warrior Project

Willmar Middle School


Willmar High School

Cardinal Headquarters

E.C.H.O. Charter School

Rockets Learning Center

The goals of the 21st CCLC grants are state-mandated and include:

  • Increase participants' opportunities to develop and apply 21st century skills;
  • Increase school and community connectedness of participants;
  • Increase the academic performance of participating students who are low-performing/failing or at high risk of failure in core academic areas.    

The local 21st Century centers provide quality academic and social enrichment activities to eligible 5th - 12th grade youth. The students in these districts are benefiting greatly from these centers by being able to access quality programming offered throughout the school year as well as in the summer.